Sewer Line Repair or Replace in Delmarva

Learn why so many in Delmarva choose us to repair or replace their sewer lines

Sewer Lines Repaired and Replaced in Delmarva

Over the years, underground sewer pipes can become loose and start to leak. They can also become clogged up and water will start to back up in your homes drains. This can create a desperate situation in your home. If you notice a slow in your home, call East Coast Plumbing soon. We can determine if this just a local drain problem or it is caused by a broken or backed up sewer pipe. Breaks and sewer clogs are caused by many different things.

Tree Roots Can Clog Sewer Drains

Tree roots love the water that is supplied by a leaky sewer pipe. Even a very slow leak is nourishment to a tree. With its strong roots, they can slowly work their way into your sewer pipes and will eventually clog them completely. East Coast Plumbing can use a video to inspect your sewer drains to find exactly where the roots have entered. We dig up that spot, remove the roots and repair the broken section of pipe. While we can't stop trees from putting out roots, we can fix whatever they manage to damage.

Collapsed Sewer Pipe

Many older homes used clay sewer pipes. Over the years, these have a tendency to collapse under the pressure of the ground. Sometimes even newer pipes can collapse under pressure. Either way, East Coast Plumbing can help. We can replace your entire sewer pipe system with new, non collapsible, sewer pipes. This new sewer system will last you for decades.

Add Value to your Home By Replacing Sewer Lines

A quick video inspection can reveal hidden issues in your home or office sewer drain lines. Tree roots, collapse pipe and other issues can cause a really nasty situation if left unrepaired. If the issue is found before it becomes an emergency, we can repair it in harmony with your schedule instead of creating an emergency situation.

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