Plumbing Leak Detection & Repair in Delmarva

Learn why so many in Delmarva choose us to find and repair their plumbing leaks

Pluming Leaks Detected and Repaired in Delmarva

Does your home have a plumbing leak? A slow leak is annoying and can actually raise your water bill quite a bit, in addition to damaging the inside of your home. Slow leaks lead to mold growth and other major problems in homes. Frozen pipes can also create a plumbing leak. East Coast Plumbing can help.

East Coast Plumbing is a 24 hour plumber that doesn't charge overtime for plumbing repairs and plumbing emergencies, even on weekend, nights and holidays. We offer our plumbing services in the following locations.

Plumbing Leak Detection

Step one is to locate the leak. East Coast Plumbing can locate just about any plumbing leak in fresh or waste water pipes. We have specialty leak detection equipment to help up locate the precise point of the leak. This prevents up from having to dig up your entire yard of tear up your entire home just to find a small leak.

Frozen Pipes Burst

Frozen pipes can create a real problem in winter. On vacation homes, this problem shows itself in the spring, when the plumbing pipes thaw and the water starts flowing again, only to flood the home and ruin everything. East Coast Plumbing can help prevent frozen pipes by draining and preserving the plumbing system in your vacation home before the cold hits. We can also repair a frozen or burst water pipe at anytime.

Add Value to your Your Home By Preveting A Plumbing Leak

A plumbing inspection on your home or office can help prevent a future plumbing leak. We can spot problem areas and fix them before they become an issue.

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