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Drain Cleaning can fix a slow or completely blocked drain. If not fixed, this can cause a stinky, expensive, even hazardous mess. Routine plumbing inspections and special drain clog prevention agents can reduce clogged drains by as much as 89%. East Coast Plumbing can unclog any drain, any time. If it's slow, call us now before it stops completely and creates an unsafe, extremely uncomfortable condition!

East Coast Plumbing Service is a 24 hour plumber that doesn't charge overtime for plumbing repairs and plumbing emergencies, even on weekends, nights and holidays. We offer our plumbing services in Delmarva.

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Types of Clogged Drains

Faulty Plumbing

Clogged Drains in Sussex DE

As you can see in this picture, faulty plumbing was installed. This type of flex pipe is prone to clogs as it holds all manner of debris that leads to larger clogs. We can fix this by installing a professional plumbing trap or other plumbing fixture.

Clogged Kitchen Drains & Disposals

Kitchen Drains & Disposals can become slow or clogged from a collection of grease, soap scum and food. If left partially clogged, you will start to notice unpleasant odors coming from the drain and food disposal. This decaying organic material will eventually block the plumbing pipe completely as more food and debris collect. East Coast Plumbing can remove the clog and explain how to help prevent this in the future.

Clogged Sewer Lines

Sewer Line Cleaning in Sussex DE

All indoor drains lead to a larger sewer drain that takes all water and other stuff away from the home and into the public sewer lines or into a septic tank. Either way, its job is to keep the highway of water and sewage swiftly flowing away from the living area and into a safe environment.

It is a bad day when the sewer drain gets clogged and water and sewage start to back up into the home. This is not only disgusting, but it is a health hazard and if the problem gets bad enough and it overflows into your home, costly remediation will likely be needed. If you notice more than one drain in your home getting slow to drain, call us ASAP before it gets out of hand. We can investigate to see if your septic tank is full, if there is tree root causing a clogged drain, or some other foreign object blocking the drain. At times, it may be necessary to replace a damaged sewer line instead of just cleaning it out.

Clogged Toilet

Toilets can become backed up with toilet paper, a foreign object left from construction or even a child's toy. If a plunger doesn't do the trick, call East Coast Plumbing, we have the tools and know-how to free up any clogged toilet drain.

Clogged Shower & Tub Drains

Tub & Shower Drains can become slow or clogged when hair mixes with soap and body oils. This creates a blockage in the pipe. If your tub or shower is slow to drain, this is an indication of a partial blockage and soon a backed up drain. No one wants to bathe in their own dirty, stinky water. Call before it gets backed up completely, this can prevent unnecessary repair expenses.

Types of Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning in Sussex DE

With the Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning method, we use high pressure water to loosen, break up and disintegrate sludge, soap, grease, calcified deposits, and ordinary household objects (like toys or tooth brushes).

Even small tree roots are that have penetrated the joints of your sewer pipes will get flushed into the sewer system. This improves water flow and drainage immediately.

And unlike some toxic commercial drain cleaners, Hydro Jetting is safer for the environment and poses not risk to animals or plants around your home. It won't corrode plumbing fixtures. Usually we won't have to dig in your landscaping much, if any. And when Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning is performed by a professional, like us, there will not be any damage to your pipes or home. The entire process usually only takes 2-6 hours depending on the source of the clogged drain.

Snakes and Augers

This is a more traditional form of drain cleaning and when used by a professional, it will dislodge most clogs quickly. Hydro Jetting is more thorough cleaning method, but is more expensive. We use a snake (a long skinny wire with a small head) to poke through a clog and allow water to flow again. We may also use an Auger (a snake with a hook on the end) to pull any solid clogs to the surface. This could be hair, jewelry, toys, tooth brushes and just about anything else you can imagine. The real question is, "how did that thing get down the drain". Only our children know...

Digging up the yard

At times, the clog is the result of a collapsed pipe, hopefully in the yard as apposed to under the floor in your home. The only solution to this is digging up the ground to expose the broken pipe and repairing it. But how do we know which of these 3 great solutions to use? See Video Drain Inspection.

Video Camera Drain Line Inspection

Video Drain Equipment

Clogged Drain Video Drain Inspection in Sussex DE

Video cameras are a super valuable tool in our plumbing business. These water proof cameras help us identify the reason behind a clogged drain. Is it a foreign object, daily build up or a broken pipe. Without video drain inspection equipment, other plumbing companies that do not use Video Drain Inspection can only guess.

This video footage is transmitted to a small screen so the technician can see exactly what the issue is and make an educated decision on how to remedy the clog.

When do we use Video Drain Inspection

During drain cleaning, your technician may notice pipes that are compromised by corrosion, rust, breaks, dirt, grease, tree roots and more. In this case, your technician will use video inspection equipment to locate the cause of the clogged drain and inform you of any problems that need to be fixed before a type of drain cleaning is determined.

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